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 JARI PHARM Songtiao site has GMP API workshop, lyophilize powder for injection workshop and OSD (Oral Solid Dosage) workshop, equipped with full-function production equipment and professional production team. The core production management team members have production management and project operation experience of well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, and can undertake rapid projects industrialization.

 The production team has established the concept of "quality is a habit", "Quality First, Safety & Efficacy, Continuous Improvement ", following the "6S" management, and aimed at "safe production, clean production, and eco production" to provide customers with continuous and stable high-quality products and services.

API Workshop

With four API production lines and two purifying-drying-packing production lines, the API workshop has passed China new GMP certification, and can undertake laboratory scale batch, pilot scale batch, entrusted production, CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization), CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) and other processing businesses.


Lyophilize Powder for Injection Workshop
 The workshop is designed and built complying with China new GMP standard, and has passed the certification of PIC/S and China new GMP, which can undertake the CMO and CDMO of lyophilize powder for injection and aseptically processed small volume injection.
OSD Workshop
The workshop is designed and built complying with China new GMP standard. There are one tablets production line and one for capsules, which can undertake the CMO and CDMO for anti-cancer tablets and capsules.