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API-FPP Joint Registration

Time:2019-10-08     Source:

      JARI PHARM has gathered a group of high-quality and experienced R&D teams, dedicated to preclinical research and development, registration and application of drugs. The professional RA team can provide you with legal support throughout the life cycle of drugs. At present, we have completed nearly 20 domestic R&D registrations and can provide customers with efficient and compliant services.
      ◆Drug application and registration in China 
      API DMF registration in USA
      US PAI (Pre-Approval Inspection)
      EU CEP certification

      In recent years, NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) has vigorously promoted the reform of drug review and approval system. JARI PHARM has independently completed the registration of six APIs and three FPPs without the RTA (Refuse To Accept) records.