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      Based on the concept of ICH Q10 quality system, the R&D center has established a quality management system for the whole life cycle of drugs, providing comprehensive and effective quality assurance from the project approval, process research, quality research, technology transfer, registration and application, review and certification, ensuring that the R&D process standard and rigor, and the data reliability. In coordination with the GMP management system, supervise and manage the quality assurance, equipment, materials, R&D activity process and site, ensure the seamless connection between R&D, registration, application and the project commercial production.
      According to the characteristics of the project, the project management system establishes an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental project team of researchers, with the project leader as the core, which is responsible for the control of R&D progress in all stages of the product life cycle, the collection and sorting of data, the communication and cooperation with partners, and the mobilization of resources of department and the company to achieve the established goals in order to lay a solid foundation for the smooth communication and efficient operation of the project.