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      JARI PHARMA R&D center has a high-quality scientific research team composed of professors, doctors and masters, who are dedicated to the preclinical research and development, registration and application of drugs, and have accumulated rich experience in drug research and development process, quality research, application data writing and registration site inspection. JARI PHARMA has reached strategic cooperation with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and other institutions to provide technical support for new drug research and development.
     The R&D center consists of QA, API labs, FPP labs and QC lab, with excellent instruments and equipment, which can standardize and efficiently apply for the R&D and registration of API, lyophilize powder for injection, tablets and capsules.
     Guided by the requirements of customers, JARI PHARMA is always ready to meet customers’ needs. With rich professional knowledge and project experience, JARI PHARMA can provide customers with the overall solutions from R&D, registration, production, technical support and high-quality services.